The Noisarium


The Forest Path looking towards the Noisarium

One concept that never made it off of the drawing board was The Noisarium.  Designed for Seuss Landing, the attraction would have been made of several different musical exhibits.  The “musical playground” was intended to be a post-show for the Cat in the Hat attraction, where parents could watch their children enjoy the sights and especially sounds and burn off some energy running from instrument to instrument.  More than likely, the idea was scrapped in favor of If I Ran the Zoo, a similar experience with interactive playground where guests encounter different Seussian creatures.  Ancona + Associates, the firm that designed the concept, said the following about The Noisarium:

“Universal set out a simple challenge, design an experience about Dr. Seuss and noise. The Noisarium was to be the landing pad for the Cat in the Hat ride in Seuss Landing at the Islands of Adventure Theme Park. After emerging from a forest of Seussian palms, the focal event was an interactive orchestra set in a village square, inviting visitors to join a jam session. Surrounding the square, a series of mysterious rooms invited visitors to explore a warren of whacky interactive sound chambers.”

The Serenade, central plaza for The Noisarium

Presumably upon exiting The Cat in the Hat attraction, guests would walk down The Forest Path and have the attraction’s exit store to the immediate right.  However, further down the path, The Noisarium would act as a weenie to encourage guests to stay for the post-show.  Walking under a Seussian arch, guests would enter the Serenade, a central plaza for the experience where larger-than-life instruments would buzz, bleat, and blurp with all of the whimsy of Dr. Seuss’ stories.  The Serenade orchestra set would include a long and large series of interconnected sweeping horns, a large stringed instrument, several timpani-like drums, and more.  Stemming off of the Serenade would be six rooms where guests could explore more sounds.

Concept Map

Plan view for The Noisarium

  • Weather or Not – A room with a device seemingly similar to a Tesla coil or weather machine.  The device would likely simulate lightning while making buzzing, electronic, and synthesized sounds.
  • The Water Fall – A room with a series of windows open to falling water.  The falling water would create rhythms when splashing against musical objects and into a pool of water.
  • Two Ears – A room with several sets of ears of different sizes and shapes.  Supposedly guests could hear different sounds from the different ears, possibly the sounds made by the creatures whose ears they resembled.
  • Invisible Gong – In this room, a C-shaped pedestal would hold the Invisible Gong.  In a simple trick, a motion sensor would play a gong sound whenever a guest made a striking motion to the gong.
  • The Bell Tower – This room would have a series of hand pedals for guests to rotate.  When guests maneuvered them, they would ring a set of bells high above.
  • The Furnace Room – A room with several panels linked to a central furnace.  Supposedly the panels would cause the furnace to make some pneumatic pipe-type sounds.


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