Mythos Restaurant

Mythos Restaurant is the premier eatery at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  As one of only two full-service (table service) restaurants, it has been a fan favorite since the park’s inception.  It has been the recipient of multiple rewards and often gets recognition for its impressive price-to-quality ratio of its menu items, especially for a theme park restaurant.

Best Theme Park Restaurant – – 1st Place 2003-2009, 3rd Place 2010

Reader’s Choice Theme Park Restaurant – Orlando Sentinel’s 13th Annual Foodie Awards

Top 75 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in the U.S. – OpenTable’s 2012 Diner’s Choice Awards


Mythos Restaurant is set inside of a Grecian grotto with carved images of gods and goddesses all around the exterior and interior.  The Mythos experience begins with a humble lobby decorated with mosaics and smooth cavern walls.  Upon reservation time, guests are escorted down a narrow passageway into a grand cavernous dining room.  The entire space has intricate details, from the cavern walls to the ornate fountains and even to the handrails.  One side of the restaurant is all glass, giving a fantastic view across the Inland Sea to Marvel Superhero Island, Toon Lagoon, and Jurassic Park.

Menu Recommendations
If you have eaten at Mythos before, please use this simple survey to rate menu items and let others know what is popular and what is best.

Mythos Restaurant Menu Recommendations

This diagram is a useful visual tool to determine what menu items at Mythos are ordered most often and what is preferred among them.  The BIGGER the item is on the diagram, the more popular it is, i.e. the more times the item has been ordered.  The smaller the item, the fewer times it has been ordered.  If the item is bright green, the item is a crowd favorite.  Bright red means it is the least favorite.  Click on one of the headers to view items within a certain category, and right-click to return to the main chart.


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