Green Eggs and Ham Cafe

Seuss Landing model showing Green Eggs and Ham Cafe

One of the more unique restaurants at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is Green Eggs and Ham Cafe.  Located near the Port of Entry entrance to the land, Green Eggs and Ham Cafe is a counter service restaurant housed inside a large green ham.  Typically, the restaurant operates seasonally, making it fairly difficult to eat there.

The Details

For such a small establishment, the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe has several interesting details to admire.  Of course, immediate attention is drawn to the restaurant itself.  The kitchen and staff are inside of the large aforementioned green ham.  Guests stand outside and order through a window, but a thick half-slice of ham acts as an awning.

Concept art showing the restaurant.

Just in front of the building a large salt and pepper shakers, however misshapen because of course, there are no straight lines in Seuss Landing.  There are several outdoor tables for guests to enjoy their meal.  Some of the tables are by If I Ran the Zoo featuring individual seats, whereas the tables along the Inland Sea are built into the railing and are bench-style.  Instead of umbrellas to shade the tables, large green eggs supported by forks act as umbrellas.

The Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

The Green Eggs and Ham Sign

The Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

For the most part, Green Eggs and Ham Cafe features a standard menu compared to other counter service restaurants.  There is one item, however, that strays away from the typical.  The Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich is the namesake item to order, and the sole reason many theme park fans long for the restaurant to be open for often.  This is the only place in Seuss Landing where the item is available.

The sandwich consists of green eggs (an egg patty dyed green), a few pieces of thinly sliced ham (not green) and cheese on a sesame seed bun, served with french fries.

Restaurant overview.

Menu Recommendations

There are only a few items on the restaurant’s menu, but nonetheless, since the Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich is not typical theme park fare, would you recommend the sandwich or sticking with another, more familiar item?  If you have eaten at Green Eggs and Ham Cafe before, please use this simple survey to rate menu items and let others know what is popular and what is best.

Green Eggs and Ham Cafe Menu Items Recommendations

This diagram is a useful visual tool to determine what menu items at Green Eggs and Ham Cafe are ordered most often and what is preferred among them.  The BIGGER the item is on the diagram, the more popular it is, i.e. the more times the item has been ordered.  The smaller the item, the fewer times it has been ordered.  If the item is bright green, the item is a crowd favorite.  Bright red means it is the least favorite.  Click on one of the headers to view items within a certain category, and right-click to return to the main chart.


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