There are big plans for Parkpedia, and there are many ways that you can help see those plans come to completion!  Parkpedia is all about content, but there is a limited number of sources for such content.  Of course, as theme park fans, we’re constantly taking pictures, video, audio, etc.  Often, that media is shared among friends and family, on social networks or in albums.  But why not share it further?

Sometimes you capture something fantastic.  Maybe you took a picture of a hidden detail few people have the opportunity to see.  Maybe you have video of an attraction that no longer exists.  Do you have audio of a huge one-time-only event?  We’d love to see and share it.

Of course, this is your media, and truth be told, we want all the credit to go to you!  Every bit of media or information you provide to us will be met with due recognition.  Not only that, we’ll link it to your site!  We’ll link to your portfolio, website, gallery site, personal site, wherever you would like to be recognized.  Here’s a sample of how you would be credited.

Photo provided by Josh Mercer

Don’t let those pictures gather dust on your Facebook page.  Share them with fellow theme park fans!

Now let’s say you have a real gem: a cassette tape from a family vacation in the ‘80s that shows attractions that no longer exist.  Send an e-mail, and we can discuss how you can send the tape, postage paid, and we will make a digital copy of the content and ship it right back to you!

The purpose of Parkpedia is to celebrate the parks we all love.  Imagine a place where you can watch ride-throughs of past attractions; read full transcripts of an entire attraction: queue, pre-show, and ride; view galleries of rarely seen areas of the parks.  Never miss another detail.  Welcome to your website.


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