Parkpedia is a comprehensive collection of articles intended to preserve theme park history, details, and facts. Beginning as an experimental project in February 2011 and officially relaunching over a year later, Parkpedia gives readers a fantastic resource for learning about theme parks. The site is intended to be a reference tool, so when readers have questions about certain aspects of theme parks, they can use the articles to better learn about the subject. With tons of history, concept art, attraction audio transcripts, and more, Parkpedia will continue to grow and give readers access to valuable information for years to come.

Themed Dimensions is Parkpedia‘s assorted collection of 3D videos. Themed Dimensions gives viewers a new look at theme parks, by adding another dimension to the video viewing experience. The intent of Themed Dimensions is to plus the theme park media experience at home by making viewers feel like they really are at the parks. By providing a three-dimensional view, a television becomes a portal to the parks.

Parkpedia is run by Josh Mercer, a lifelong theme park fan with an appreciation of all themed entertainment. After years of researching theme parks as a hobby and hearing plenty of misinformation, he determined that a comprehensive theme park reference source was necessary. His hope is that Parkpedia will grow to become a source of thorough theme park information where theme park fans can get their questions answered quickly and accurately.


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