Why Islands of Adventure?

Parkpedia is having its soft opening in just two days. It’s an exciting time at Parkpedia Headquarters. When soft opening day rolls around, there will be a handful of surprisingly thorough articles about attractions at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

I’m sure some are wondering why Parkpedia is debuting with articles about Islands of Adventure. It’s certainly true that the fanbase and following for Disney’s theme parks are much larger than those for Universal’s parks. There is a substantial number of Disney fan and travel planning websites. There are so many Disney websites that by pooling all of their resources, you could learn nearly everything you’d ever want to know about the parks. But this is the reason that it was decided that Parkpedia would debut with Islands of Adventure.

To put it simply, it’s hard to find information about Islands of Adventure. It’s a mysterious park that is woefully underrepresented on internet communities. There are some great travel planning sites, podcasts, and fan sites featuring the park, but for being the highest attended Orlando theme park outside of Walt Disney World, too few websites are talking about it. Finally, with the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the park is getting a portion of the attention it deserves. But beyond the recent additions, there are legends and tales that few know about. In fact, since many people visited the park for the first time for the Wizarding World’s opening, they’ve never heard of terms like Dueling Dragons, Flying Unicorn, or Enchanted Oak Tavern. But soon, those guests can learn all about Merlinwood because it will live on, online.

When you dive deep into the history and concepts of Islands of Adventure, you’ll find fascinating stories and discoveries that you may not have sought out on your own. Hopefully, Parkpedia will spread new light on this wonderful park and the fresh insight will inspire new fans and new visitors.


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